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Blake & Partners: your recruitment partner


Profit from our specialist experience in finance, IT and engineering.

Our consultants are both experts in one of these fields and in one particular geographical region. This ensures local knowledge and a thorough understanding of the business in question.

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A success story …

  • We’ve grown from two to 70 people in just eight years.

    Established in 2008 - at the height of the financial crisis - Blake & Partners today now has over 70 people available to help you.

  • Five offices in four countries

    We believe a local presence offers better service.

  • Four distinct brands

    Specialised consultants to better understand your needs.

An experienced and ambitious management team

  • Richard Houtman Chairman

    His background

    Richard Houtman is the Managing Director of Blake & Partners Group. With over 35 years of experience in recruitment, Richard began his career as a junior recruiter in an international group listed on the stock exchange. Rising through the ranks, Richard became Managing Director of the same group in 2006.

    He joined Blake & Partners in 2009, convinced of the bright future of this newcomer to the recruitment market.

  • David Jacob Managing Director

    His background

    David Jacob is the Blake & Partners Group Sales director. David started his career in an international recruitment group as a recruiter. In 2008, he joined Laurent Sauté in the entrepreneurial adventure that is Blake & Partners.

    Since 2014, David is the Blake & Partners Group Sales director and serves on the Board of Directors. David graduated from the Solvay Brussels School business school.

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    Yousra Mjouh

  • Imane

    Imane Boulydam

  • Hamza Yassine

    Hamza Yassine

  • Maxim Dewit

    Maxim Dewit

  • Quentin

    Quentin Mertens

  • Erion Dega

    Erion Dega

  • Valentin Dusabe

    Valentin Dusabe

  • Nicolas Deweerdt

    Nicolas Deweerdt

  • Andrea

    Andrea Nigro

  • Yasmina

    Yasmina Verraes

  • Yamina

    Yamina Ihadrine

  • Vincent Cardon

    VIncent Cardon

  • Valentina Narcisi

    Valentina Narcisi

  • Tom Walscharts

    Tom Walscharts

  • Thomas

    Thomas Kandou

  • Steve Lopez

    Steve Lopez

  • séléna melloni

    Séléna Melloni

  • Seetha

    Seetha Palghat

  • Sam

    Sam Kwaspen

  • Robin

    Robin Van den Borre

  • Rey Bandarlipe

    Rey Bandarlipe

  • Remy Makuba

    Remy Makuba

  • Pauline Deldaele

    Pauline Deldaele

  • Paul Brandard

    Paul Brandard

  • Nomy Bollen

    Nomy Bollen

  • Mohcine

    Mouhcine Snoussi

  • Mathias

    Mathias Walther

  • Maryse

    Maryse Sugira

  • Loïc

    Loïc Butstraen

  • Kaat Van den Eynde

    Kaat Van den Eynde

  • Julien

    Julien Reijmen

  • Jonas Goossens

    Jonas Goossens

  • Jetmir

    Jetmir Jahbala

  • Hugo

    Hugo Llopis

  • Herlinde Demasure

    Herlinde Demasure

  • Hannes Van den Bossche

    Hannes Van Den Bossche

  • Gregory Kwok

    Gregory Kwok

  • Emiel

    Emiel Motten

  • Gabriel

    Gabriel Alouani

  • Francisco

    Francisco Luis

  • Fares

    Fares Tatar

  • Elsa Elchaer

    Elsa Elchaer

  • Elliot Cohen

    Elliot Cohen

  • Benyamin Yakoubi

    Benyamin Yakoubi

  • Bastiaan Van Heddeghem

    Bastiaan Van Heddeghem

  • Arash Tavakoli

    Arash Tavakoli

  • Antoine

    Antoine Mortiaux

  • Amine

    Amine Baalouach

  • Alyssa Van Rennes

    Alyssa Elisabeth van Rennes

  • Alexander

    Alexandre Mangin

  • Galia

    Galia Van de Wouwer

  • Ruben

    Ruben Myin

  • Arne

    Arne Fiers

  • Nicolas

    Nicolas Hamon

  • César

    Olivier-César De Clercq

  • Sarah Kamli

    Sarah Kamli

  • Anthony

    Anthony Hoff

  • Justine Linkedin

    Justine Bauchot

  • Theo Linkedin

    Théo Chivers

  • Pim Linkedin

    Pim Vanoekel

  • Jules Fadié

    Jules Fadié

  • Anthony

    Anthony Hoff

  • Theo Linkedin

    Théo Chivers

  • Justine Linkedin

    Justine Bauchot

  • Vincent Consentino

    Vincent Consentino

  • Déborah Bourgeois

    Deborah Bourgeois

  • Morgane Harkel

    Morgane Harquel

  • Fiona Figueroa

    Fiona Figueroa

  • Lore Aernouts

    Lore Aernouts

  • Aissatu Balde

    Aissatu Baldé

  • Kevin Amado

    Kevin Amado

  • Annika Linkedin

    Annika David

  • Skip Linkedin

    Shqiprim Haxhiu

  • Erhan Linkedin

    Erhan Kurt

  • Mateus Linkedin

    Mateus Mengue

  • Alain

    Alain Dushimimana

  • Jonas Wurtz v2

    Jonas Wurtz

  • Elie Kyenge

    Elie Kyenge

  • Florent Guellil

    Florent Guellil

  • Vincent

    Vincent Loeckx

  • Alexandre Van Mullem

    Alexandre Van Mullem

  • Tania Luwawu

    Tania Luwawu

  • Vuk Vukasinovic

    Vuk Vukasinovic

  • Gregg

    Gregg Annaert

  • Cindy Stevens

    Cindy Stevens

  • William Bressand

    William Bressand

  • Alexandre Van Mullem

    Alexandre Van Mullem

  • Alessia Carvallo

    Alessia Cavallo

  • Francesco

    Francesco Delmonte

  • Antoine Conseil

    Antoine Conseil

  • KimberlyEngineering2017 (002)

    Kimberly Pardon

  • Tom Mannaert

    Tom Mannaert

  • Allan

    Allan Khalili

  • Jade

    Jade El Sayed

  • Brecht Dhaene

    Brecht Dhaene

  • Marie-Charlotte Debel

    Marie-Charlotte Debel

  • Mattias Lesire

    Mattias Lesire

  • Nicolas Verrue

    Nicolas Verrue

  • Alexandre Likin

    Alexandre Likin

  • Lorenzo Eeman

    Lorenzo Eeman

  • Tom Deberlanger

    Tom Deberlanger

  • Chloë Simoens

    Chloë Simoens

  • Chloë Simoens

    Chloë Simoens

  • Ilia Stelman

    Ilia Stelman

  • WilliamDeCeulaer

    William De Ceulaer

  • Marie-Amélie Loore

    Marie-Amélie Loore

  • Laura Swysen

    Laura Swysen

  • Nick

    Nick Wouters

  • Félix Vanderhoeven

    Félix Vanderhoeven

  • Paolo Lopez Vega

    Paolo Lopez Vega

  • Quincy Wartel

    Quincy Wartel

  • Thomas Mouley

    Thomas Mouley

  • Mattias Van Duyse

    Mattias Van Duyse

  • Beau Vanderheyden

    Beau Vanderheyden

  • MaximeDaelman

    Maxime Daelman

  • Lena 2

    Léna Gast

  • Aspassia_linkedIn

    Aspassia Metallinou

  • Sam-Kelly

    Sam-Kelly Bouty

  • DavidVanAuwegem

    David Van Auwegem

  • JeanneGaspar

    Jeanne Gaspar

  • BertDielen

    Bert Dielen

  • Natasha_De_Bleser

    Natasha De Bleser

  • JordanHalpern

    Jordan Halpern

  • Ari_Zeitoun_Engineering

    Ari Zeitoun

  • KristofDeClercq2

    Kristof De Clercq

  • RaphaelSchussel

    Raphaël Schlussel

  • Soufiane

    Soufian Tanouti

  • Leonardo Pappagallo

    Leonardo Pappagallo

  • AilsaMcKean

    Ailsa McKean

  • KristofDeBelder

    Kristof Debelder

  • Lensy2

    Lensy De Schouwer

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    Blake & Partners Engineering

  • OlivierVanHille

    Olivier Vanhille

  • Nielsen

    Nielsen Quaghebeur

  • Cenk

    Cenk Tezcan

  • Alexander Asnong

  • Sally

    Sally Dziubek

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    Blake & Partners

  • apple-touch-icon-180x180

    Blake & Partners

  • LogoLEDR

    LEDR Executive Solutions

Our brands

Blake & Partners

Blake & Partners IT Recruitment
Blake & Partners IT Recruitment works to deliver full time and freelance staff in the IT sector. Each of our consultants is a specialist in a particular aspect of the market: development, infrastructure or IT executives. Blake & Partners IT Recruitment has offices in Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent and operates throughout Belgium.
Blake & Partners Finance Recruitment
Blake & Partners Finance Recruitment works to deliver full time staff in the finance sector. Each of our consultants is a specialist in a particular aspect of the market: internal accounting, trusts, analytical finance or banking. Blake & Partners Finance Recruitment has offices in Antwerp, Brussels, Geneva and Luxembourg.
Blake & Partners Engineering Recruitment
Blake & Partners Engineering Recruitment works to deliver full time staff in the engineering profession. Each of our consultants is a specialist in a particular aspect of the market: production, construction or energy. Blake & Partners Engineering Recruitment has offices in Antwerp and operates throughout Belgium.
LEDR Executive Solutions
LEDR Executive Solutions is specialized in senior profiles. LEDR Executive Solutions has offices in Brussels and Luxembourg.

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